What is freelancing?

Effective from 1st January 2017 every non-EU citizen can work and reside as a freelancer in Bulgaria given that the respective approval has been given by the Bulgarian Employment Agency. The residence permit on the grounds of freelancing is for initial period of 1 year (subject to extension for another 12 months).

Who can be registered as a freelancer?

(1) every non-EU individual who operates as a freelancer

(2) has a detailed plan on the freelancing activity for the term of the approval

What is the competent authority?

National Employment Agency

What documents are needed?

  • Standard application form (SEE HERE)
  • Detailed plan on the freelancing activity

We at Work in Bulgaria can assist you with preparation of all documents including their translation and legalization as per the official requirements, as well as representation before the competent authorities.

How long does it take?

The executive director of the National Employment Agency takes a decision within 30 days from the documents sibmission.