Long-stay Visa (type D)

work in bulgaria visa

What is a long-stay visa and why do you need it?

A type D visa is a document which grants you the right to enter the territory of Bulgaria multiple times within the term of its validity (either 6 or 12 months). It is mandatory for all non-EU nationals who would like to work and reside in Bulgaria, as it is one of the documents required for the issuance of residence permit (see HERE).

Can any foreign person be granted a long-stay Bulgarian visa?

No. You must meet at least one of the 17 grounds under the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act on which a Bulgarian type D visa is granted. You can obtain a type D visa for the purposes of:

  • Business activity – if you are involved in commercial enterprises, you are an investor or a company representative;
  • Family reunification – in case your spouse/partner, parent of family member is a Bulgarian citizen or a foreigner residing in Bulgaria;
  • Work and pension – if you have a secure job, if you are willing to professionally perform free-lance activity or in case you have received a right of pension under the Bulgarian law;
  • Education – if you are admitted to a licensed educational establishment for full-time education;
  • Social activities – in case you are willing to perform non-profit activities by establishing a Non-Profit organization;
  • Special protection of victims of human trafficking;

What documents are needed?

A standard application form and documents proving that you meet the requirements for the issuing of type D visa are needed. The set of documents that must be enclosed to your application varies depending on the grounds for your stay. Be advised that in most cases Visa D is issued subject to preliminary clearance by the respective Bulgarian authority or regulatory body. Work in Bulgaria has the expertise to assist you in obtaining all of the prerequisite documents.

Where to apply?

You may submit your type D visa application personally at a Bulgarian embassy or consulate in your country of permanent residence.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

The embassy application fee for a type D visa is EUR 100. In case the visa grants the right of 360 day stay, the fee is to the amount of  EUR 200.

The application is processed within 35 working days.