Bulgarian Citizenship

What are the benefits of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship?

Since 2007 Bulgaria is an EU member state. This means that Bulgarian citizens are as well Citizens of the European Union and are granted with including, but not limited to:

  • Right to freely move, work and reside within the EU
  • Access to the European job market
  • Visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival travel to more than 100 non-EU countries
  • The right to acquire real estate or agricultural land in Bulgaria and other EU countries
  • Access to the Bulgarian and other EU educational systems (such as payment of fees at “home/EU”
  • Right to receiving of student loans and financial assistance
  • Political rights – right to vote and right to run for office in Bulgarian and European institutions
  • Protection by the consular and the diplomatic authorities in other EU countries

How can you obtain Bulgarian citizenship?

You may obtain Bulgarian citizenship on the grounds of origin, by naturalization or by marriage. Specific requirements apply to the different grounds for obtaining a citizenship.

Bulgarian Citizenship by origin

The process of obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship by origin is a two-stage procedure. First you need to obtain a certificate of Bulgarian origin by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. The certificate is needed for the second stage of the procedure – your application for Bulgarian Citizenship before the Ministry of Justice.

Our consultants here at Work in Bulgaria will kindly provide you more information about the specific requirements that you shall meet in either stage of the procedure.

Bulgarian Citizenship by naturalization

In case you have legally resided in Bulgaria for a period of five years as of the date of receiving a continuous or long-term residence permit, The Bulgarian Citizenship Act allows you to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization.

If you are willing to obtain citizenship by naturalization you must prove your fluency in Bulgarian language by obtaining a language proficiency certificate from the Ministry of Education. You shall also prove you have an income and occupation enabling you to support yourself in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The five year term mentioned above may be reduced to 3 years in some cases, for example – if you were a minor of age when you applied first for his residence permit
Contact us for more information about the remaining requirements for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization.

Bulgarian citizenship by investment

In case you have been engaging in business activities such investments, you may be granted certain exemptions from the requirements for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. For instance, the term for previous residency in Bulgaria is reduced from 5 to only 1 year.

For more details about the type and amount of investment which are required for the providing of this exemption, please, contact us.

Bulgarian Citizenship by marriage

If you have, for at least three years, been and still are, legally married to a Bulgarian citizen you may acquire Bulgarian citizenship by Marriage. In this case you shall have obtained a permanent or long term residence permit at least three years prior to the date of application for naturalization. Bear in mind that you shall also meet the requirements for Bulgarian language proficiency and the availability of sufficient financial resources and job occupation.