Work in Bulgaria


General information

The new Labour migration and labour mobility Law (LMLMA), effective from May 2016 aims to harmonize Bulgarian legislation with the acts of the European Union in the area of free movement of employees and employment of foreigners – citizens of third countries outside the European Union (EU) in the territory of Bulgaria. More specifically, the act implements provisions of a number of European directives, regulating the entrance and residence of third country nationals in the territory of the EU.

The LMLMA contains the general rules and the order for granting access of foreign workers – third country nationals to Bulgarian labour market. The new regulation provides 7 different grounds for Non-EU citizens to obtain access to Bulgarian market:

  • Labour contract with Bulgarian employer, i.e. Single work and residence permit
  • Secondment of third country nationals for provision of services
  • EU Blue Card for highly qualified professionals
  • Internal corporate transfer
  • Performance of activity as a freelancer
  • Seasonal employment
  • Employment of researchers, students and trainees