Registering a company in Bulgaria

What company types foreign nationals can register?

The most common types of commercial companies preferred by foreigners are the limited liability company (OOD) and the joint-stock companies (AD), but mainly the first one. In either type there can be a single shareholder or several shareholders, either natural persons or legal entities.

Is it possible to remotely register Bulgarian company?

Yes – you can grant to lawyers in Work in Bulgaria Power of Attorney and we will prepare and obtain the necessary documents.

What are the steps of OOD registration?

  • Reservation of a company name – this procedure includes obtaining a certificate that there is not another company bearing the same name;
  • Drafting the Articles of Incorporation (including the reserved company name);

  • Opening a collection account for the registered capital of the company (1.00 EUR is the minimum for OOD (limited liability company);
  • Obtaining a notary verified specimen of signature of the Manager of the company;
  • The Manager signs declarations as per the Bulgarian Commercial Act;
  • The members of Managing body give a PoA to the lawyer/law firm who will deal with the registration;
  • Payment of the official fee for the registration procedure (see below);
  • Submitting the application for registration in person or online
  • Obtaining the Decision for registration of the company.

What are the statutory fees for registration?

For Limited Liability Company – OOD

  • Reservation of name for the company – EUR 20
  • Registration fee – EUR 55

For Joint-Stock Company – AD

  • Reservation of name for the company – EUR 20
  • Registration fee – EUR 180