Airport transit Visa (type A)

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When do you need a type A visa?

Type A visa is issued in cases of changing flights or of interim landing for the purpose of continuing your travel to another state.

Do all third-country nationals need a type A visa?

No. Certain categories of foreigners (for example holders of Schengen, USA, Canada, UK, Japan visas) are exempt from the issuance of Type A visa.

What rights does a type A visa grant you?

It entitles you to cross or to stay in the airport international transit zone. However, while you may stay in the international flights transit room, you may not leave its premises, as you are not considered admitted to the territory Bulgaria.

The type A visa has a validity term of up to three months from the date of its issuing and it may be single, double or, as an exception multiple.

Where to apply?

You may submit your type A visa application personally at a Bulgarian embassy or consulate abroad.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

The application is processed within 15-60 calendar days, depending on the complexity of the case. In urgent cases the processing term is 3 working days.

The application fee for a Type A visa is EUR 60. In case your application is submitted within 3 days prior to the planned travel, the fee is to the amount of EUR 120.