EU Citizen

Residence Permit Bulgaria

I am an EU/EEA-member state national. Can I reside in Bulgaria?

Yes, EU nationals are free to enter and reside in the country for up to 90 days with their ID card only. If you want to reside longer for the purposes of employment, education, freelancing, etc. you need to apply documents for residence certificate.

What is a residence certificate and who must obtain it?

A residence certificate is a document which grants you the right to stay in Bulgaria for more than 90 days. You must obtain such certificate in case you are an EU or EEA–member state national.

What are the required documents?

For the issuance of this certificate you must submit a standard application form. We at Work in Bulgaria can assist you with the preparation of this document, as well as with the obtaining and preparation of other documents that need to be enclosed to the application.

Where do you apply?

You shall submit your application to “Migration” Directorate at the Ministry of Interior.

What are the terms for issuance and validity of the residence certificate?

The certificate is issued within one working day.

The term of validity of this document is five years and may be withdrawn in case you do not stay on the territory of Bulgaria for two consecutive years.

Can your family members obtain residence certificate?

Your family members (spouse, partner, children, dependents) can obtain such certificate upon completion of a similar procedure and proving the family relations with you.

In case your relative is not an EU/EEA-member state national he/she shall follow a different procedure. He/she may stay in Bulgaria for up to three months on the grounds of a valid international passport. Within this term you relative must submit an application for residence certificate. This document is issued within 3 months from the date of application.

The term of validity of your relatives’ residence certificate may not exceed the term of validity of your certificate.