1. I want to live in Bulgaria? What documents do I need?
It depends on whether you are EU citizen or not. For EU citizen’s regulation, see HERE and for third country nationals – HERE.

2. I am a third country national and want to visit Bulgaria as a tourist? Do I need any visa?
Since 2007, Bulgaria has been applying Council Regulation (EC) № 539/2001 of 15.03.2001 listing the third countries whose nationals must have visa when crossing country border and those whose nationals are exempt from that requirement.
To check whether you are untitled to visa-free stay (until 90 days), check HERE.

3. Is my tourist visa subject to extension?
Yes , it could be extended for another 90 days if you meet certain requirements. For more info – Contact us.

4. Can I work as a freelancer in Bulgaria and what are the requirements?
Sure you can. For EU citizen’s regulation, see HERE and for third country nationals – HERE.

5. Can I submit my work permit documents by distance?
Yes – you can authorize us with Power of Attorney and we can run the procedure for you. A few exceptions apply. For more info – Contact us.

6. My company sends to me Bulgaria? Can my family come with me?
If your posting is for a period of 1 year of more, you are entitled to Family reunification procedure. For more detailed info and support with the procedure – Contact us.

7. I have been living in Bulgaria for the past 5 years. Can I apply for Bulgarian citizenship?
Yes, In case you have legally resided in Bulgaria for a period of five years as of the date of receiving a continuous or long-term residence permit. Fore more info on Bulgarian citizenship regulation – see HERE.

8. I want to start business in Bulgaria? What is the business environment?
This is great news. You can find out about more of advantages of the Bulgarian market HERE.

9. I want to register a company in Bulgaria? How can I do it?

It is a relatively simple procedure and could be done within a few days depending on what kind of company you want to register. For more info – see HERE.

10. I want to buy real estate in Bulgaria? Can I do that?

It depends on whether you are a citizen of EU member state of not. For more info – see HERE.